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St James United Methodist Church is a caring community of faith that welcomes individuals from all walks of life. You are invited to join us this Sunday for a time of worship, learning, and interaction as we celebrate our Savior and explore what it means to follow Jesus in every day life!

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What are you afraid of?

This is our church email news for August 30, 2018:

A Painful Memory

This week's email news:

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“People Make Me Crazy”

Here is the audio from the message. Note: Only the end of the sermon was captured on the recording.   One of the reasons life is complicated is that we live in a world full of people—people who have their own minds, their own thoughts, their own ideas, their own...

“Finding Your One Thing”

This is the sermon from January 6, 2019; week one of #UNCOMPLICATED. Here's the audio from the message: This is the video we watched: The Scriptures were Matthew 22.34-40, John 8.12, and Matthew 5.13-16. Here is the week one...

“Where Is Jesus?”

This is the audio from Sunday's message (12/16/18). Unfortunately, the audio cuts off at the end, due to mic problem. The painting we looked at was The Census at Bethlehem by Bruegel the Elder, painted in Belgium around 1566. This detail of the painting shows you...