At St James, we are committed to serving our community! We believe this is what God expects us to do. Jesus taught us to pray “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is heaven.” How would the world look if God’s will was done on earth? The hungry would be fed. The oppressed would be liberated. The lonely would be loved.

During this COVID-19 time, we can’t get together to serve like we usually do. But, there are still things YOU can do! One thing you can do is donate items to our church food pantry. Call the church  (327-5989) to arrange drop-off. If you or someone you know could use help from the food pantry, call that same number. The pantry is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 4pm. 

Watch this page. We will soon announce our New Year’s project!

OUR CHRISTMAS PROJECT! Making sure every child in foster care in Southern Arizona has a Christmas gift!


Purchase new gifts and bring them to St James on Wednesday, December 10 at 6pm. Drive through by the front sign (enter north and drive south) and drop off your gifts. Lets make this a parade of gifts! If you want to park and wave to other church members, great! If you wear a mask and keep a safe distance, you can TALK to each other! Hopefully, this is a way we can get together (a little) safely! 


You can check these links for ideas:

But one of the biggest needs is for older children. Recommended items are watches, hoodie sweatshirts, fingernail polish and accessories, earbuds, Axe body spray. Please, NO gift cards.

You can learn more about the gift drive here:

You can find out more about Aviva here:

Questions? Email Pastor Richard or call or text him at (520) 222-8690.