This Week at St James

On Tuesday morning May 22 at 9:30, we will be gathering as we do each week to assemble snack packs for needy students at Holaway Elementary. Info here! [Volunteer opportunity]

On Sunday morning May 27 at 10am, we will continue our study: “Ancient Wisdom for Today”. During May and the summer months, we will look at different Psalms during worship. Each week, we will look at a different psalm. The books of Psalms is the worship and prayer book of Israel–it is the prayer book for worship Jesus would have used. The Psalms were written between 2500 and 3000 years ago! Yet these ancient poems and prayers can give us insight on how we can face the ups and downs of our life today.  We will start with these psalms:

May 6 Psalm 1                             May 27 Psalm 107
May 13 Psalm 121                       June 3 Psalm 32
May 20 Psalm 42,43                    June 10 Psalm 69

[Worship service]

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