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Growing in community together

Being a disciple–a follower–of Christ and of his teachings should be normal for believers! At St James, we want to help you live out your faith. Your faith should make a difference in your life, bringing you peace, joy, and making you a more loving person. And your faith should make a difference in the world around you–making real the prayer Jesus taught us: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” How can you experience this transformation and grow in your faith? We will work on this together through our worship services, Bible studies, and service projects.

We offer periodic small group studies throughout the year and several service/mission projects. Small group studies help you grow in your faith, but also help you build relationships and grow in community. Service projects allow you to show God’s light and love to the world around you, but they also allow you to get to know other people as you work alongside them.

Currently, we offer a social time after worship (usually on the first Sunday of the month). This time is strictly for having fun and getting to know people! We grow in community as we spend time with each other!

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