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Great Photos! and NEWS!

Gwen Reynolds sent me a couple of great photos of St James folks in action! It just so happens that Dan is in both of them!  This is Tyler Ripparger and Dan Dambowy at February's pancake breakfast at Holaway School. We appreciate the sign they made thanking us!...

Letting Go of Expectations

So much of our peace an emotional stability is determined by how other people act or the decisions they make. What if we could let go of that? This is worship for March 12, 2023. Worship GuideDownload

Letting Go of Hurts

We all experience pain. We all get hurt by others. How can I let it go? This is worship for the second Sunday in Lent. Worship Guide for March 5Download

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday!

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday!

Hello friends! A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all of you who helped with fruit harvesting last Sunday! We had 22 volunteers and filled up FIVE trucks with citrus! TOMORROW is Ash Wednesday! I hope to see you at 6:30pm in the sanctuary for Ash Wednesday worship! If...

Christianity Is Thinking

Can reason and faith co-exist? Do you have to suspend rational thought to be a Christian? Can you believe in Jesus and science? Let's talk about it! Worship Guide for Feb. 19Download