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Grocery distribution from the Community Foodbank Food items normally distributed through Holaway Elementary School will be distributed at St James in June, July, and August. This is open to everyone in the community, and there is no need to sign in or show ID....


Why I Believe in the Resurrection Part 2

6-Witnesses Were Willing To Die For Their Claims History is full of martyrs. Countless men and women have died for their beliefs. For that reason, it is not that significant to point out that the first disciples were willing to suffer and die for their faith. But it...

Why I Believe in the Resurrection Part 1

How many of Jesus' 12 disciples can you name? Probably half. Peter, James, and John are easy. How about Judas and Matthew? And probably you would remember Thomas. Why? Let's think about what he is most known for. He is Doubting Thomas, right? He is forever enshrined...


Following Jesus Is EASY?

Is anyone tired today? Did anyone have a difficult week? Is anyone trying to catch their breath this morning? This is worship for June 13, 2021. You can watch it HERE. Worship Guide Preschool Kids' Pages Big Kids' Pages

Nobody Special

Bartimaeus was no one special. Just another beggar by the side of the road. Right? This is our worship service for June 6, 2021. Watch it HERE. The Scriptures are Genesis 16.5-16 and Mark 10.46-52. Worship Guide Preschool Kids' pages Big Kids' Pages

Cleaning Up and Cleaning Out

The story of Jesus clearing out the Temple is a curious one. Why did Jesus cause such an uproar in the Temple? Was that really necessary? What does it mean for us? Read the Scripture: John 2.13-22. The worship service from May 30, 2021 is in two parts (due