You can view the replay of our May 31 worship here!

Sunday, May 31, is Pentecost in the Christian church. On Pentecost Sunday, we remember the day the disciples received the Holy Spirit in a special way. The story in Acts 2 describes a powerful wind and tongues of fire as the Holy Spirit was poured out on people from all over the world who came to Jerusalem to celebrate a Jewish feast. At the first Pentecost over 3000 people were baptized, creating the first church. This is why Pentecost is known as the birthday of the Christian church. More here:

This year, we have a special observance for Pentecost: the whole Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist Church (all of Arizona and Las Vegas) worshiping together! We will have music, prayer, Scripture, and a message by our bishop, Rev. Robert Hoshibata. Go to our Facebook page at 10am Sunday, May 31 for this special worship!

Bulletin for May 31, 2020

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