Hey friends!

Worship is Sunday at 10am. Go to  https://www.facebook.com/sjumchurch! To be ready for worship, have  something to eat and drink, a candle to light (if possible), and your heart stone (see below). 

Getting Ready for Sunday Worship You can check out our website for all details.
You can download the worship bulletin for Sunday. It will help you follow along.
You can download the coloring and puzzle pages. These are aimed at the kids, but they are fun for ALL ages!
Eating and drinking (a meal or a snack) is part of the experience, so have something tasty ready!
Print out the heart coloring pages (I’ll give instructions on Sunday!)
Find a small, flat stone. We will use it in worship. You can prepare ahead of time by painting or coloring a heart on it. You could use nail polish for this, too, Or you could cut out and color a paper heart and tape it on to the stone. Some examples are below:
This is my heart stone. I included the pen for scale. It is a small stone. I found an old can of paint in my garage and painted a heart on it with a Q-tip. Then I colored it with a highlighter. Very artistic, I know. You could also use nail polish to paint your heart–just don’t use clear nail polish…

That plastic bin under the bench in the Rose Garden contains the current Upper Room devotional books. You can pick one up there any time!
The latest update from Bishop Hoshibata is for the suspension of in-person worship and meetings to continue. You can read his latest report here

Walking the Way of the Cross with Paul is a 6 week Bible study that will be held online using Zoom—a video chat application. 

Here is a description:
The apostle Paul has often been considered a controversial figure in early Christianity, especially in modern times. Paul’s own complex and seeming contradictory writings are partly responsible for his mixed image. Yet at the heart of his difficult texts (and difficult life) was a simple but potent realization: God had sent Israel a crucified Messiah. This key recognition transformed Paul’s entire understanding of God’s ways and of the human response to them. It made the cross of Christ central to his unfolding of what it means to believe in God and of what it means to live a life conditioned by that belief. It placed self-sacrificing love at the foundation and the core of Paul’s view of God, his own apostolic ministry, and Christian life overall. 

Register here

After registering, you will receive an email. About half way down the email, you will see a link ‘Click Here to Join’. This works on a smart phone, computer, or tablet. Just click that link at the start time of the Bible study, and you will be taken to the right place. The password is listed below that link. You can also join by phoning in to any of the +1 numbers at the bottom of the email. 

Please join our St James Bible Study Facebook Group. Daily Bible readings and offer between session discussions will be hosted there.
Our food pantry at St James is still operating. Food help is available Tuesday and Thursday. If you need some help, or if you know someone who does, call the church office (327-5989) on Tuesday or Thursday. If there is no answer, leave a message! We have been blessed by some generous St James folks dropping off donations! Let me know if you want to bring something by. Tuesday and Thursday and Sunday are the drop off days.