Notes for the Message:  “What Do YOU See?”

Zechariah 9.9-10

Compare Psalm 118

1-We see people in need. These were people with hopes and dreams; people cared for by God.  ‘Hosanna’ means ‘Save us!’ or ‘Please save!’.

2-We see Jesus challenging the status quo.

Are we OK with how things are? Have we grown satisfied with life as it is? 

3-We see Jesus not fitting into our expectations.

This is a challenge. We must learn to hold our expectations of God loosely. We must be ready to learn new things and experience God in new ways.

4-We see God keeping promises.

God’s actions may not fit our expectations, but they always fit God’s promises. God is always faithful—that’s redundant, right? Blind faith? No, it is placing our trust in a very trustworthy Person.

5-We see ourselves being called to a decision.

The question is not only ‘what do you see?’; but also ‘what will you DO?’.  Jesus always had this effect on people.