At St James, we are committed to serving our community! We believe this is what God expects us to do. Jesus taught us to pray “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is heaven.” How would the world look if God’s will was done on earth? The hungry would be fed. The oppressed would be liberated. The lonely would be loved. In 2020, we are committing to 20 acts of service to our community to help make real “thy kingdom come”. Join us as we serve together for a better world!

1-PB&J Sandwich Making January 1 10am room 6 Park in the front parking lot and follow the signs. The sandwiches we make will benefit Casa Maria soup kitchen.

2-Bring a Gift to the Manger January 5 10am In our worship service, we will have a manger. Bring new children’s socks and underwear and during communion, place them in the manger. Donations will benefit Aviva Children’s Services.

3-Volunteer at the Community Foodbank Saturday January 11 8:30am to 12noon. Sign up for more info.

These are just the first 3 (and in the first month!). Go to this link and submit the form and you will receive details on all of our service opportunities!