This is the final message in our #uncomplicated series. Unfortunately, the audio recording of this message is not available.

Here are the notes from the bulletin:

Notes for the sermon “Is Technology the Problem?”

1-My phone made me do it.

2-It’s not my phone, it’s ME.

Technology reveals our problem and facilitates our problem, but it does not CAUSE our problem.
Limiting the use of technology can open a door, but you must walk through it. 

3-What’s the real problem?

The real problem is our natural unwillingness to address 3 basic human needs:

    A-We were made to commune with God. Genesis 3.7-13

Psalm 62.1-2, 8 Psalm 131

    B-We were made to connect with others. Genesis 2.18-23, Proverbs 27.19

    C-We need to reflect on our lives. Lamentations 3.40, Psalm 119.59-60, James 1.22-24

Our challenge is not to devise rules to limit our use of technology. Our challenge is to be REAL enough to admit our real needs and intentionally seek solutions.

The question is not “How much am I using my phone?”, but “Am I intentionally carving out time to commune with God, connect with others, and reflect on my life?”.

A worksheet to apply these ideas: #uncomplicated Week Seven Journal

Here are the slides from the sermon:


6 Practical Tips to Free Yourself From Your Phone