Notes for the sermon “Do I Have Too Much?”

1-Why is dealing with things/possessions such a problem?  The material world will never satisfy us because we have eternity in our souls.

2-Does God expect me to give up everything?

    A-Acts 2.43-45, Acts 5.1-4

    B-Luke 18.18-27

3-How can I be faithful with what God has given me? 

    A-The witness of the Hebrew Scriptures Psalm 62.8 Trust God. 

    B-The witness of Jesus Matthew 6.19-33 Show your trust by not worrying and seeking first the kingdom of God.

    C-The witness of Paul Romans 7.7-12/Philippians 4.11-13 Having little or having lot is not the issue.   

Being content with what God has given you is. 

    D-The witness of James James 5.1-6 The wasting away of your treasure is a witness against you. The things you have done to gain your treasure is a witness against you. 

    E-The second witness of Paul 1 Timothy 6.17-19 Enjoy what God has given you.

4-Specifically, how can I be faithful with what God has given me? 

    A-It would be easier just to make rules. 

    B-Guidelines for faithful living 

>I am going to use my resources to gain treasure in heaven. [I am going to invest in God’s work and help people in need.] 

>I will not look down on those who have less than me. 

>I will freely enjoy what God has given me without guilt. 

>I will trust God to take care of me.  

>I am going to be intentional about how I use my resources.
>I am willing to pray and let God guide me in how I use my resources. I believe if we earnestly seek God’s guidance, God will guide us. 

>I will look at all of my resources as gifts from God, available for sharing as others need them and as God leads me.  

>I will weed out anything that causes addiction. 

1 Corinthians 6.12