Notes for the sermon “Plain Talk”

Ephesians 4.29 Does what you say give grace to the hearers?

Matthew 5.37 Do not try to convince people. Give a simple straightforward answer.

Matthew 12.34-35 Words don’t just slip out. We allow them to incubate in our hearts.

1 Corinthians 2.1-5 Our simplicity of speech reveals a trust in God.

James 1.19 Don’t listen just to reply. Really listen. Be hesitant to speak.

James 3.8 We need God’s help to change the way we talk.

Simplicity of speech requires that we:
Turn to God Matthew 11.28-30
Be tuned to God John 15
Trust in God

Disciplines of simplicity of speech we can attempt for the next week:
Do not give your opinion unless asked.
Do not interrupt.
Do not try to convince someone else of your opinion.
Do not have the last word.
Do not speak to manage the impression people have of you.
Do not complain.

This is the worksheet/journal for “Plain Talk”: uncomplicated Week Four Journal 1 page