The University of Michigan did a comprehensive study on 14,000 college students between the years 1979 and 2009. They found a drastic decline in empathy. The results of this massive study showed that we care 40 percent less about other people than we did in the 1980s – 40 percent. Sounds like a downward trend in compassion. Why is this? Is it really that serious of a problem? What can we do about it?


Our Scriptures for today are James 2.14-17 and 1 John 3.16-18.

Notes for the Sermon “#struggles: COMPASSION

Social media and online technologies have a mixed track record when it comes to compassion—feeling the hurts of others—caring. Sometimes we can increase awareness of a need (think ALS Ice Bucket Challenge) and sometimes we can feel distanced from others. What does God call the church to do?

1-Two truths about compassion.

A-True compassion demands action.

B-To say that you care, but not act, is not to care at all.

2-How Jesus lived out compassion.

A-Every time Jesus felt compassion for someone, He ACTED. For example:
Mark 1.40-41
Matthew 14.14
Matthew 20.34

B-Compassion interrupts.
Mark 6.30-44
Luke 8.40-56
Mark 2.1-12

C-Compassion costs.
Luke 10.25-37

D-Compassion changes lives.

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