Notes for the Sermon “#struggles: Relationships”
The Scriptures paint a radically different view of relationships than what we usually experience. Our devices should not act as a filter between us and other people. “Friend” should not be a checkbox on an app, but a way we live.
1-The priority of love John 13.34-35
    Love is the test of Jesus-followers.
    Love is shown by serving.
2-The power of presence
    The New Testament commands it. Hebrews 10.24,25
    Jesus promised it. Matthew 18.20
    Jesus modeled it. Matthew 1.22
Be present  Romans 12.9
Be engaged 1 Peter 4.8
  • Who do you need to be present with this week?
  • How can you be more engaged with the people you encounter?
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Our current series #struggles is adapted from free resources from Life.Church and is used by permission.