Our psalm this week is Psalm 55. It is a psalm of David and it is about being betrayed/hurt by a friend. This is one of the most painful things we can experience. We let someone in to our life and they reward our friendship with betrayal. In Psalm 55, we can learn from David’s responses how we can respond to and hopefully deal with betrayal. People will let us down. People will hurt us. How can we move on? How can we trust again?



People can be a source of great happiness and joy, but they can also cause us sorrow, anguish, and anger. And often, it is the same people doing both.

This is a psalm of David, and the problem confronting him is the betrayal of someone close to him. David had many betrayers, but perhaps the most painful was his son Absalom. You can read the story in 2 Samuel 13-15.

In Psalm 55, David gives us three ways to deal with the pain of betrayal:

1-Don’t run away—run to God. Psalm 55.6-8, 17

2-Don’t gossip to other people—talk to God Psalm 55.22

3-Don’t get even—trust God. Psalm 55.23

SERMON HANDOUT: How to put these ideas into action Ps55 Handout