This week we continue our study, “Ancient Wisdom for Today”. Our psalm this week is Psalm 86. Psalm 86 brings us back to the subject of prayer. Is prayer primarily about getting things from God? If so, does it help to make a deal with God? If not, what is prayer for? We will learn another way to approach prayer that will hopefully enrich our prayer experiences with God.


Notes for the Sermon “How Does Prayer Work?”
Prayer opens my life up to “But God…”. In this psalm, we see two foundations for prayer, and an example of the practice of prayer.
A Foundation of Prayer: A Relationship with God (Who am I?) verses 1-7
What did David’s relationship with God look like?
>He recognized his need.
>He trusted God.
>He claimed God as his God.
>He prayed to God.
>He was in a covenant relationship with God.
A Second Foundation of Prayer: The Nature of God (Who art Thou?) verses 8-13
When we contemplate God in prayer, when we commune with God, we are changed. We come to pray “Teach me your way” instead of “Let me have my way.”
When I consider the nature of God as I pray, two things happen:
>I surrender to God’s way.
>I become a thankful person.
The Practice of Prayer: Integrating Spiritual Realities into My Life verses 14-17
When I ask “Who am I?” And I evaluate the situations in my life, and then I ask “Who art Thou?” And I consider the nature of God, I see my problems and needs in a new light.