This week we continue our study, “Ancient Wisdom for Today”. Our psalm this week is Psalm 40.  Our topic will be “How to Pray about Your Problems”. We all have struggles. But what should we pray to God about them? Should we ask for deliverance and comfort and safety and solutions? Many people have it much worse than I do. Should I pray about my situation at all?



Psalm 40 can be divided into 3 sections. Verses 1-11 deal with God’s past help and David’s response. In verse 12, David finds himself again in trouble. In verses 13-17, David prays about his present problem.

1-The Characteristics of David’s Problem verse 12
a-Many problems came on him at one time.
b-The problem was his own fault.
c-This problem crowded everything else out of his mind.
d-It depressed/discouraged him.

2-The Foundation of David’s Prayer verses 1-11
Prayer must be based on a foundation of experience and theology.
a-God’s past deliverance verses 1-3: EXPERIENCE
b-God’s character verses 4,5: THEOLOGY
c-The results in David’s life verses 6-11
-Dedication to God
-Testimony of praise
-Confidence in hard times

3-The Details of David’s Prayer verses 13-17
a-For God’s will
b-To be in God’s hand, not man’s
c-Praise to God
d-He claimed God’s character