This week we continue our study, “Ancient Wisdom for Today”. Our psalm this week is Psalm 139. This psalm has some very well-known passages. It talks about God being all-knowing and everywhere present. It speaks to the intricacies of human biology and the wisdom of God shown in that. And in the end, the writer invites the gaze of God, saying “Search me, O God…”



Notes for the Sermon:

1-The Omniscience of God: The All-Knowing verses 1-6

2-The Omnipresence of God: The All-Seeing verses 7-12

3-The Omnipotence of God: The All-Creative verses 13-18

4-The Problem of Evil: The All-Holy verses 19-24

The Psalmist ends where he begins: “search me, God”. He opens himself up to God’s inescapable, inevitable gaze. The psalmists three prayers should be our prayers and the aim for our life:

Examine me.

Purify me.

Lead me.