Here is the link to the video we watched (most of) in worship:

The battery went out on the microphone Sunday, and that means the audio recording went out, too! You can listen to the set up for the message below, and then I’ll try to give good notes after that so you can get the idea of what we talked about Sunday!

We all talk to ourselves and we all have critical or negative voices that tell us things like “You always find a way to mess up” or “You are weird” or “You always act so awkward and say stupid things around people” or “What did you expect? You don’t deserve to be happy.” In Psalm 103, David talks to himself (to his soul) and tells his soul to say some good, and positive things! This week we will learn how to talk to ourselves in a positive way and hopefully drown out or replace those negative, critical voices!

Psalm 103 tells us how to practice self-talk that will lift us up and draw us closer to God. Our self-talk should focus on God, not on ourselves. Several times in Psalm 103, we see the phrase, “Bless the Lord, O my soul”. The writer is instructing himself on how to talk to himself!

1-We REHEARSE what God has done 1-5  [We think we have it bad, but actually God blesses us with good things!]
Benefits God gives us: forgiveness, right relationship with God, good things needed for life.
How can I practice this?
A-Do the Ignatian Examen. Each day take time to review your day and then ask yourself two questions. “For what part of today am I most grateful?” And give thanks to God. “For what part of today am I least grateful?” And pray about that, too.
B-Journaling Take time to keep a journal–particularly a gratitude journal about all the good things in your life.
C-Telling our stories Take time to share with others how God has been good to you–what you are thankful for.

2-We REMEMBER what God is like 6-18 [We think no one cares, but look at how God is described!] This part of Psalm 103 quotes from Exodus 34.6 which takes place as Moses is receiving the Ten Commandments on the mountain. This verse is actually God introducing Godself! God says, “Let me tell you Who I Am” and this verse is the answer. The Lord is merciful, compassionate, loving.

3-We RECOGNIZE that we are connected 19-22 [We think we are all alone, but nothing could be further from the truth!]
I am not alone. I am not isolated. I am not cut off. I am part of a great choir, a great symphony of many parts.

Your first words in the morning should be “Thank You, Lord!”  And your last words at night should be “Thank You, Lord!”.


What good things has God done in your life?

What will you do to help you remember?

In YOUR life, how has God been…




To whom and to what are you connected?

How are you connected?