Our psalm this week is Psalm 100, which talks about the purpose and function of worship. We worship God because of who God is, and worship makes us who we are to be.

Is THIS your impression of a church worship service? Listen to “Why We Worship” to get a new perspective on HOW and WHY we worship.


In Psalm 100, we see that worship is like a sandwich.

Verses 1,2 and 4 are like the bread–they tell us the HOW of worship:

  • make a joyful noise
  • worship with gladness
  • come before God’s presence with singing
  • give thanks
  • bless God’s name

Verse 3 is the meat of the sandwich–it tells us the WHAT of worship. What is supposed to happen during worship?
In true Christian worship, we encounter God and are changed. We learn to be obedient to God’s leading; thankful for God’s blessings; and to rest in God’s faithfulness.  That’s a good place to be!

Verse 5 is the plate the sandwich sits on–the WHY of worship. We worship God because of who God is.