Summary:  Our psalm this week is Psalm 69. Psalm 69 talks about how to deal with our emotions.
How do you deal with your emotions?
Are you a zombie? Pretend you don’t feel anything?
Are you a medicator? Do something to mask or dull the feeling.
Are you a yeller and a crier? You just express them. You feel it-you say it.
Are you a holder and smolder? You turn your emotions in on yourself and bottle them up.
The psalms deal quite a bit with emotions. And emotions are the stuff of human life, right? If you don’t feel anything, you might be…dead. Or at least dead inside.
There are lots of ways to respond to our emotions. Some are appropriate and healthy and some are not. Sometimes you should tell people how you feel. Sometimes you should not. But that is not the same as bottling up your emotions. There is another outlet.

Psalm 69 tells us that a response that is always appropriate is to EXPRESS our emotions to God. Only when we express what we feel can we PROCESS it. And only when we process what we feel can we be intentional about RESPONDING to it.

We started with this video: (I edited it to end before the kitten scene, by the way.)

Here is the audio of the sermon:


Here is a worksheet on putting these concepts into practice:


Here is the creed we used to affirm our faith:

We believe in God, who knows what we think and feel, yet listens attentively to our cries.
We believe in Jesus Christ, who took on humanity, and who knows what it is like to experience the totality of human emotions.
We believe in the Holy Spirit, who interprets our prayers and intercedes on our behalf, with sighs and groanings.
We believe in one God, Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer, who listens to our prayers and who loves us with a never failing love.