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What if the doors were marked? This is exactly the premise Psalm 32 sets up for us. Only the choices are shown in the image on the right. Listen to the sermon!                                                                                                                                                                                                  






Here are the notes from the bulletin:

Psalm 32
Romans 4.4-8

1-2 Forgiveness is available

v1 forgiven—carried You can carry your sin or God can—it is your choice.

covered literally put your hand over so something is hidden from sight. You can live in the shame of your sin or your sin can be covered by God—it is your choice.

v2 does not count You can have a clean slate with God or you can have a list of offenses—it is your choice. There’s no scorekeeping. I don’t have to try to do enough good things to balance out the wrong I have done.

3-5 Suffering can be alleviated
when I kept silent
then I acknowledged
did not cover up
I will confess This is the tipping point: confession.

6-7 Safety can be attained

8-11 Don’t be stupid. Could the choice be any more clear?