Here are the notes from the bulletin:

“God Is Good” Psalm 107
Psalm 107 teaches us to say that God is good because of God’s steadfast love for us.
Psalm 107 gives these characteristics to God’s love:
God’s love is eternal.
God’s love is demonstrated by actions.
God’s love is available to everyone who acknowledges their need.
Verse 43 is the lesson—the summary—of the psalm.
Verse 1 is the main truth of the psalm.
Psalm 107 is set up in 5 stanzas. The first 4 give illustrations of God’s love in action. The final stanza (v33-43) summarizes God’s character in relation to humankind.
1-God’s steadfast love SATISFIES the hungry and thirsty. 1-9
2-God’s steadfast love SHATTERS the bonds of the imprisoned. 10-16
3-God’s steadfast love SENDS OUT His Word to heal the afflicted. 17-22
4-God’s steadfast love STILLS the storms in our lives. 23-32
5-God’s steadfast love SHOWS us the wisdom of worshiping God 33-43
The art from today Christ the Consoler by Carl Bloch can be seen here.