Our current study is “Ancient Wisdom for Today” and we are looking each week at one of the Psalms. The Psalms were written between 2500 and 3000 years ago, yet they speak to us today. The Psalms are poetry and songs and were often used in worship by the ancient Hebrews. Psalms express a wide range of emotion and serve many purposes. Some are prayers for help. Some are giving thanks or praising God. Some recount God’s help and blessings. Some give instruction. Our psalm this week is Psalm 121. The theme is worry. The answer to worry is to reassure ourselves that God is our keeper. God will always be our keeper.


Here are the notes from the bulletin:  Notes for the Sermon “What Me, Worry?”

How would you define worry? Why do we worry?  When we worry what does it say about our beliefs?
Psalm 121 is very similar in meaning to Psalm 23.
In keeping with what was perhaps its original use, Psalm 121 has remained a psalm for travelers. Upon the morning of his departure from England to do missionary work in Africa, David Livingstone is said to have read Psalms 121.
When faced with worrying circumstances, we remind ourselves—and each other—that the Lord is our Keeper!
The handout from Sunday morning is here: Psalm 121 Handout