“They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season…”

The audio for the sermon is here:


Sermon notes from the bulletin:

Psalm 1 is a call to action for all who would claim to be followers of God. Psalm 1 teaches us the path to a “blessed” or happy life.
1-Who is happy? 1-2
    A-What is meant by “happy”? Literally “Oh the happiness!”—an exclamation of strong emotion.
    B-The righteous are happy and the wicked are not. The righteous will not think life, behave like, or belong to the wicked.
    C-The righteous find their direction in life from the Word of God.
2-What does this happy life look like? 3-5
It is a life that thrives. It is a life that is purposeful. It is a life that is productive. It is a life that is secure.
3-The bottom line. 6 Life with God is better than life without God. You can hoped to choose the right way, or you can consult the map. You have to decide.
Here is a pdf of the sermon handout. It gives a daily practice you can use to “taste and see that the Lord is good”.