The 4 weeks after Easter, we are talking about four things that Jesus taught. Jesus taught MANY more things, but I have identified 4 that I want to focus on.
Sacrificial love (How can I love others?)
Radical Justice (How I can make the world a better place?)
Eternal Values (What is really important?)
Faith in God (How can I believe?)
This week, the theme is Faith in God. When Jesus talked about faith and believing, it was mainly in reference to his identity: who did people believe he was. We will look at two times that Jesus called someone’s faith great (Matthew 15.21-28 and Luke 7.1-10—both Gentiles, by the way), and then we will examine three ways that Jesus said faith can help us in our daily lives.


Notes for the Sermon “What Did Jesus Really Teach? Faith in God”
When Jesus talked about faith and belief, he was usually talking about recognizing and understanding who Jesus is.
1-Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. There were two times Jesus said someone’s faith was great.
These were both Gentiles. The Jewish people should have recognized who Jesus was, but they did not.
Matthew 15.21-28 (compare to Mark 6.1-6) The Canaanite woman believed Jesus was the Son of God. People in his own hometown doubted he was anyone special. Notice that this is called “unbelief”.
Luke 7.1-10 (compare to Mark 9.20-24) The centurion believed Jesus had the authority to heal his servant. The Jewish man approached Jesus with doubt: “IF YOU ARE ABLE to do anything…”.
2-What good is this kind of faith?
John 13.31-14.6 Faith can give you peace in times of uncertainty and worry.
Matthew 8.23-27 and Matthew 14.22-33 Faith is our best response to fear.
Luke 17.1-6 Faith helps us follow through with difficult commands.