This is our message from Easter Sunday, 2018.


The two videos we watched can be seen here:

On the Cross and After the Cross

Here are the notes from the bulletin:

Today we explore the difference between the sayings of Christ on the cross, and the sayings of Christ after his resurrection. What do we notice? What stands out? What is different?

Three things stand out to me about Christ’s words after the resurrection:

1-The REALNESS of Jesus

What should you do? Believe in the realness of Jesus.

Pray: “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.”

2-The PRESENCE of Jesus

What should you do? Rest in his presence.

Pray: “Jesus, you are Emmanuel; God with us.”

3-The MISSION of Jesus

“…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you…”

What did Jesus teach?

Sacrificial love—How can I love others?

Radical Justice—How can I work for a better world?

Eternal Values—What’s really important?

Faith in God—How can I believe?

What should you do? Enlist in his mission.

Pray: “Show me the way and I will follow.”