Here are the notes for the sermon:

“All prayer is listening to the voice of the One who calls us ‘beloved’.” -Henri Nouwen
“Why is that when we speak to God we are called pray-ers; but when 
He speaks to us, 
we are called schizophrenic?” -Lilly Tomlin
“God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer.” -Mother Teresa
Why Don’t We Hear God Speak?
-We don’t believe God speaks today.
-We want to stay in control.
-We are afraid of what God will ask.
-We are afraid God won’t speak.
-We think it is too difficult or time-consuming.
-We are practicing sin we are not willing to give up.
Will God Speak to Us? Scriptures to consider:
John 10.27   Matthew 10.19    John 14.21-23    Acts 17.26-27
Here is the handout: Listening Prayerb and Journal Sheetb