If we are going to Let God Lead, we must be open–receptive–to God.

Scriptures are John 9, John 10, and Luke 8.11-15.

Notes for the Sermon “Be Open to God”
The teaching of Jesus in John 10 is based on his healing of a blind man in John 9, and the subsequent reaction by the Jewish religious leaders. The contrast is between these Jewish leaders who did not want to believe in Jesus no matter what he did, and those who were open to believing (like the blind man who was healed). These people already believed in God, and wanted to know God’s truth.
In John 9.35-41, Jesus said the difference was being open to God vs having a closed mind.
God’s sheep are receptive to God. This leads to God’s sheep believing in Jesus. This leads to God’s sheep following Jesus. This is letting God lead. But it all starts with an openness to God.
Are you receptive or are you resistant?
Are you open or are you in opposition?
Are you needy or are you “in the know”?
To be receptive, you must accept the tension of incomplete knowledge.
To be receptive, you must admit you are needy.
Luke 8.4-15 The Parable of the Sower How to move from simply being receptive to letting God lead:
You must RETAIN God’s Word-What is your plan for retaining the Word?
You must REMAIN in God’s Word (obey it)-What is your plan for acting on what you learn?
You must RE-TRAIN your priorities-How will you rearrange you priorities to make room for God’s Word in your life?