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St James United Methodist Church is a caring community of faith that welcomes individuals from all walks of life. You are invited to join us this Sunday for a time of worship, learning, and interaction as we celebrate our Savior and explore what it means to follow Jesus in every day life!

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Advent in Art

December 2 is the first Sunday of Advent! Join us as we consider Advent in Art. Each Sunday in Advent, we will consider a classic work of art and Scriptures about the coming of Christ. Join us as we HEAR the Word, but also SEE God’s message for us.

A Simple Test

In Matthew 12.46-50, we find the story of Jesus' family coming to visit him. Apparently Jesus was in a house speaking to a crowd of people. Someone called to him, "Look, your mother and your brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you." How did Jesus reply?...

Is Christianity about rules?

Last Sunday, our theme was "Killjoy God". The premise was that some people's obstacle to faith is that Christianity has too many rules--that God doesn't want us to have fun or enjoy our lives. This is part of our "I Want to Believe, But..." series that is covering...

“God’s Word on Worry”

Sermon audio will be posted here on 2/25/19 Notes for the sermon “God’s Word on Worry” 1-We live in an anxious time. 2-God does not want us to be anxious people. God wants us to have peace. 3-God tells us not to worry.     A-Philippians 4.6-7/Psalm 62.8 Do not worry,...

“Is Technology the Problem?”

This is the final message in our #uncomplicated series. Unfortunately, the audio recording of this message is not available. Here are the notes from the bulletin: Notes for the sermon “Is Technology the Problem?” 1-My phone made me do it. 2-It’s not my phone, it’s ME....

“Do I Have Too Much?”

  Notes for the sermon “Do I Have Too Much?” 1-Why is dealing with things/possessions such a problem?  The material world will never satisfy us because we have eternity in our souls. 2-Does God expect me to give up everything?     A-Acts 2.43-45, Acts 5.1-4     B-Luke...